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Hey! My name's Stephan Wells, and I'm a musician, mixing engineer, programmer, proofreader, gamer, aspiring game developer, audio moderator, and former host of the NGADM. Thanks to Youkos for the user image and profile icon!

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Step's News

Posted by Step - July 10th, 2010

Finished my Robot Day submission, submitted it a few days ago. Feel free to check it out.

I hope we do well in the competition, we spent months of non-stop work on it :(.

EDIT: Nope, we didn't get any good rank or even a mention in the Robot Day competition. Oh well...

Posted by Step - July 3rd, 2010

A few days ago I got BBS Banned by Malachy, and yesterday I made a news post about it. Since then I was exchanging PM's with Malachy, asking him stuff like 'Why have you banned me?' since I didn't see what I did wrong.

It turned into a bit of an argument, but I never once offended him or went into an angry mood. I simply provided my reasoning, he provided his, I provided arguments against his reasoning, etc...

This ended up with him telling me sarcastically something like 'Yeah! I'll remove your ban and let you run around like an obnoxious douchebag to new users, it doesn't matter, I shouldn't enforce rules you don't want to follow, right?' and then adding an extra day to my ban.

I don't think I did anything which made him give me an extra day, and now I can't update for the Review Request Club since that extra day clashes with the time when I should update.

None of you probably care anyway, but oh well...

EDIT: Ban finally over. I hope he doesn't ban me again.

Posted by Step - July 2nd, 2010

Just to give you guys a few laughs, just saying that I've been given a 3-day ban, and in case you've suddenly become curious, I'll say why.

It's a stupid reason actually. I was in the Clubs and Crews Forum and someone made a thread entitled something like 'bass players go here!'. The opening post consisted of something similar to 'bass players, are u a bass player then post here.

Now obviously, this post had no effort put into it, little punctuation, no rules, no guidelines and obviously, there's already a club for guitarists. I posted this:
"Aside from the fact that the opening post of this club clearly has no effort put into it at all, the Bass Guitar is a type of guitar so I would think that any Bass players deserve a spot in the already existing 'Guitarists' club.".

Then, completely out of nowhere, the next day I found a 3-day BBS ban staring me in the face when I was about to post in a thread in the Audio forum (picture posted below).

I didn't break any rules, as I think you might have noticed by now. I had a negative attitude since I was sleepy, and I was tired of seeing this useless clubs and people not using a search bar when it's right in front of them.

Sure, the one posting had only 2 posts, so I could have cut him a bit more slack, but there's a search bar right in front of him, and the Guitarists club was on the first page of the forum anyway.

I wasn't backseat modding. People do what I just did all the time. Take the Audio Forum for example: every day there's always a new self-advertisement thread, audio approval thread, Voice Acting thread, FL Studio question thread, WiP advice thread, zero-bombing complaint thread, lack of exposure complaint thread or a thread which was not about about audio creation, and people correct the person who posted one of said threads and link to the correct thread ALL THE TIME (hell, even I do it a lot of the time).

As far as I know, nobody from them have been banned because of this. I do the exact same thing in a different forum and get banned? What the heck? Backseat modding is pointing out what should be deleted, locked or generally doing stuff which it's the mods' job to do, and I did NOT do any of that. If I said 'this thread should be locked because there's an already existing Guitarists club', then sure, ban me, but I just stated a fact instead, and didn't do any backseat modding so I don't think I deserve the ban, in my opinion.

I was simply stating the facts: the person who made that club put no effort at all in his post, and so I said that, and there was an already existing club on his subject, so I said that too. I even linked him to it and told him WHY bass players should post in the Guitarists club. Yeah, I said it in a negative attitude, but as I said, I was tired, and that's not breaking any rules anyway so it doesn't matter.

It may seem like I'm over-reacting, but I'm not. Even if it was a 1-minute ban I'd react in the same way, because the fact that I was banned for a rule that I believe I didn't break still remains.

So yeah, I'm pissed.

EDIT: Malachy added an extra day. How nice.

Banned from the BBS

Posted by Step - June 29th, 2010

We've been working our asses of for almost 2 months now, but the robot day song is almost finished.

Just to say that it's probably going to be around 4 minutes long, and up to now it has 66 patterns.

Oh, and by 'we', I mean me, Echo, Fro and his friend Nick (Fro and Nick will be singing for it).

The genre is techno, Tempo 105 BPM. It's quite melody-oriented, with loads of the catchiest melodies I can think of, and it's also covered in robot effects. It's called I'm a Robot. We've tried to mix quirky and fun melodies in the intro melodies, but also fit in a more spacey/trippy kind of sound for the chorus and the ambient part (yes this has an ambient part too).

Will be posting in a few days.

I've also attached a picture of the intro. Doesn't it look nice and complicated (and unorganised)? :3.

Also, on an unrelated note, East/West isn't working for me very well, so don't expect that many Classical songs for a while until I figure out the problem.

Robot Day Song Almost Done!

Posted by Step - June 26th, 2010

I've finished my exams and now I can work more on music. I have to make music for three different flash artists and for a full length film, so it won't be easy, but at least I don't have school exams in the way.

Also I'm about to get East/West Stormdrum soon :D.

Posted by Step - May 14th, 2010

Remember that link I had in my sig: "Click here if you make music and want examples of really horrible songs"? That link took anyone who pressed it to a list of their songs, since I linked it to the audio edit link (http://www.newgrounds.com/account/aud io/edit). Basically, even if the best Audio Artist on NG clicks on the link, he will be sent to his audio submissions.

Now, many people have fell for it, and many have sent me serious PM's asking me why I called their songs horrible, some of which actually 0-bombed my songs as payback or linked to MY songs in their sig calling them rubbish (-.-), so since I'm tired of people falling for my joke, I changed the link.

Any retarded comments insulting me, my music or why I waste my time making these newsposts shall be deleted :3.

EDIT: Changed the sig from "I've sigged your songs. Aren't I kind? :3" to a new link. Let's see who falls for it xD.

Posted by Step - April 5th, 2010

Just wanted to thank everyone who helped me out here on NG (in order of awesomeness):

Blackhole12 - for making an awesome Sytrus guide, answering any FL question I had, and listened/criticised so many of my songs that he can predict what song I can come up with next xD. Also, thanks to him for being so brutally honest in his reviews that he helped me improve immensely, AND thanks to him for making such awesome songs and responding to every review I did on his songs (a full 40 or so) AND for sending me some amazing songs, making a nifty tool for the competition I'm hosting called the NG Audio Deathmatch and giving me this helpful 'SF2 Splitter' which splits instruments from soundfonts so when I want to load an instrument from a soundfont, I don't need to load the whole soundfont and look for the instrument when I can simply split it from the soundfont and use that particular instrument alone.

Darklight17 - for hearing a lot of my songs and giving me tips and advice, for helping me with any stupid music theory related questions, harmonizing some of my songs, and surviving like 5 collabs with me xD. Also, thanks to him for helping me install East/West Symphonic Orchestra and offering to help me out with Symphonic Choirs too (which unfortunately didn't work).

aliaspharow - for hearing a lot of my songs and giving me advice, 5-ing my songs so much and being extremely awesome :D.

borntodj167 - for also hearing a lot of my songs without ever complaining, writing so many reviews on my songs and supporting me =D.

SessileNomad - for helping me in a song I submitted to a competition, giving me advice on dance songs which REALLY helped and reading EVERY SINGLE ONE of my MASSIVE reviews on his songs without going mad. EDIT: And helping me with a lot of information about how to make awesome pads.

DavidOrr - for helping me IMMENSELY in problems I had with East/West, and probably answering around 15 of my East/West questions.

rcvtk - for finding and helping me install loads of things which helped me a lot in music stuff.

Spysociety - for supporting me a LOT and being a great friend!

WilhelmTheVampire - for being extremely helpful and reviewing a LOT of my songs with great reviews, and comparing one of my reviews with a professional review from the times xD.

Animith - for reviewing more than one of my songs with really helpful reviews and also offering to take my place in updating for the Review Request Club while I'm abroad.

plasticmanticor - for reviewing a good number of my songs with excellent crticism and letting me have the honour of receiving his 100th music review.

Chronamut - for offering to review ALL of my songs, reviewing around 10 of them so far and being so patient when waiting for me to review back :D.

Nessbeatsfox - for being the first one to review a hip-hop song of mine and telling me that humanizing songs are important. Ever since he told me that, I've always been trying to make my songs sound less computerized.

snowstormfir - for reviewing more than one of my songs, writing a huge and helpful review on Racing Through Eternity even though he doesn't know as much about music and RSSing me :D.

Mussirus - for writing extremely helpful reviews on more than one of my songs.

ApproachingNirvana - for giving me some useful information about genres and recommending East/West Symphonic Orchestra to me.

DarqueHand - for also recommending East/West Symphonic Orchestra to me and giving me a helpful review.

mr-jazzman - for reviewing some songs of mine with massive reviews.

SBB - for reviewing more than one of my songs with such helpful and awesome reviews.

Kirbyfemur - for helping me a lot in my WiP of Land of Kings and giving me amazing ideas which really helped make Land of Kings what it is now.

FarisCultist - for telling me that sometimes going the simpler way in songs is better than complicated.

GAT-X3000 - for writing an amazing scene for my song Cobra and possibly making a music scene-writing club in the future.

Project8024, ImDoG, CrystalSky and DaveGuy - for giving me loads of support.

Gravey - for helping me and giving me loads of advice about my competition, The NG Audio Deathmatch, and for telling me the difference between Symphonic Choirs and Voices of Passion :D.

Domo - for helping me out with Review Request Club stuff a little while I was banned and was unable to post.

I'd also like to thank all of the members of the Review Request Club, especially:

And also anyone who reviewed me with a huge/helpful review, namely DjAbbic, xPeppermintAfternoon, Rottenbeard, S3C, TheBenjerman.newgrounds.com, DundurMifflin, INoisy and Melophobik (in order of awesomeness too).

Finally, thanks to anyone who reviewed my song and helped/supported me, and thanks to anyone who heard my songs, liked them and fav'd them or me. Also, thanks to anyone who was crazy enough to use my songs in their flash xD. Obviously, thanks to anyone who I forgot in this list too :D.

I'd like to specifically thank these people for supporting me and/or using my song in their flash(es) (in no particular order):

Note that this list is being updated as time passes.

Posted by Step - April 3rd, 2010

Finished the hardest song I ever worked on in my life.

Would love a review on it, I'll review back with a massive review if I find your review helpful.

Posted by Step - March 13th, 2010

Just thought I'd give a little update on what I'm working on so far so my enormous list of fans (is you consider 33 enormous :P...) can know ^^.

My main project is a V2 of my first Trance song, Speeding Through Infinity, which had very good feedback. Right now I've gotten as far as 0:45-ish, and I think it's really coming out epic. The original was a bit more relaxing and less action-packed, which doesn't obey its name "Speeding Through Infinity", so this one is much more powerful, with more pronounced and quicker-paced drums, much better transitions, and, which is the main reason why I wanted to remake my song, much better mastering. At the time I had a limiter in my master channel, and it's obvious that any limiter on a master channel will rape your volume levels, so now that I know a bit more about Trance, the song is more fitting to its genre. I used better synths, added some new stuff and overall the song is much more powerful. If anyone would like to hear it so far, just send me a PM, I'll host it on a file-hosting site and you can give it a listen, maybe tell me what you think =3.

I posted a Chaoz Fantasy Remix WiP, which sucks badly, so I doubt I'll continue it, but there's a chance I will.

I have this cool Trance idea in my 'Ideas' folder. It's only around half a minute long, but I think it has potential, so if you see a Trance song in a minor scale starting with some Trance plucks, you'll know it's what I'm talking about here :3. Again, if you want to hear it, send me a PM.

I said a few news posts ago that my iLok key (which is a small key which has to be plugged in when using the East/West Symphonic Orchestra VST [which is an amazing orchestral VST]) broke, and I can't do any Classical songs, but I have some ideas brewing, and I'm also planning on fixing my classical song "Land of Kings" which had some good feedback but some defects that need fixing. This is all once I get a replacement iLok key.

Once I get my iLok key replacement, I'll also continue working on the Staldoria series I'm doing with Darklight17, which will be posted using our joint account Raven-Guard. We already posted the first song in the collab series called "Empire of the Sun", so check it out if you want :). Speaking of Empire of the Sun, just to warn you, it's covered in static. I EQ'd it, but Darklight17's too lazy to upload the EQ'd version, but we will sometime ^^.

Darklight17 and I are also going to work on a piano/drums song when we get the time, which will be for Quarl's Piano/Drum competition.

In other news, anyone who posted their flash submission in my previous news post will get reviewed eventually, but I have yet to decide who will be the one to get my 100th Flash review.

Anyway, thanks for reading, for randomly clicking on my page and check out my submissions if you have the time, namely these ones which I think are my best submissions:

The Last Flight Dance Remix -- Dance
Land of Kings -- Classical
Cobra -- Classical Instruments with Rock drums
A New Divide Dance Remix -- Dance
Spacewalk - Piano Trance
Cries of the Tormented - Trance with some scary horror effects and atmosphere
Night in the Forest -- Piano/Drums
-Supernova- -- Collab with Scooter-16, Trance.

Don't forget that if you review those, I'll respond, and if your review is helpful, I'll treat you with one of these reviews xD.

Posted by Step - March 5th, 2010