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GTFTN - Lightning GTFTN - Lightning

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not much to say which hasn't already been said...

This review's going to be a little short because I don't have much to point which hasn't been stated already, but here goes...

So, all in all this is a pretty helpful tutorial. I love how you made everything seem so easy with step-by-step instructions and a picture on each slide to illustrate how the lightning bolt is supposed to look. I'm not seeing any grammatical errors either, and the colour scheme of white on black was good. The audio was fitting although overused :P. Great work.

Now for the minor errors. Like the guys below me pointed out, the song doesn't loop which is quite odd considering there's a volume bar at the top right corner if you move your mouse over it. The Next and Previous buttons are on the wrong sides too, as SCTE3 said, but this isn't much of an issue. I would've preferred it if you made the volume slider match with the black/white colour scheme though.

If you want me to go into an incredibly unnecessary amount of detail, I'll point out two very very minor flaws - firstly, Step 1 and 4's first letter isn't capital whereas the rest are, and secondly, the first line of the third paragraph of Step 1 (Draw a random...) is slightly indented for some reason.

That's about it. Good work overall!

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Avoidance 4: Classic Avoidance 4: Classic

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I was trying to beat sixflab's score, and after a few tries I got to, guess what score. 8321. Argh... I'm beating that score, regardless of how long it takes me.

Now, enough of my whining. I enjoy competition too much. The game itself is very good. It's a perfect example of when such a simple game and concept become so complicated, hard, and best of all, fun. I really enjoyed playing this game, good job on it! Also, please add a high scores system, lol :3.

The graphics look great. Simple but effective. I really liked the graphics of the menu screen, and overall, even for simple graphics, I liked the smooth and colourful look of the game. Moreover, the background was excellent and provided a cool effect while playing the game which made the game look cooler and still not distract the one playing the game, so nice job there. I really don't think you can do anything to improve the graphics. Animation at times was laggy, even when quality was lowest, and at other times was fine, although I suppose that's just my computer acting up again. I suppose there isn't anything wrong with the animation, good job there too!

Now for the gameplay. I have to admit that for such a simple concept, the gameplay was great, the game itself was well programmed without any glitches (as far as I know) and there was a noticeable increase in difficulty as the score went higher and higher. The different objects/spheres in the screen all did something different and there was a large variety of different types of spheres (I went up to that annoying blue one that keeps following you). These small things make me want to play the game again and again, although there are still some things that need a bit of work...

Firstly, it's the rate of difficulty. As sixflab said, in the early stages of the game, avoiding the stuff thrown at you was child's play. I almost stopped playing because it started to get a bit boring, but for the sake of curiousity I kept on going and then I noticed that the game was actually getting harder. I think it should either start out harder or become harder at a faster rate, because the user can easily get bored playing this and not realise that it's about to get much harder.

On a related note, I think the difficulty should be proportional to the time you've taken playing, not your score, i.e., the longer you play, the harder the game, not the higher your score, the harder the game. I've noticed that when I get a small sphere which gives me a score boost, a big bunch of new random spheres appear on the screen, indicating that the difficulty gets harder depending on how high your score is. Why do I want it depending on how long the user has been playing? Because if the user's doing really well and gets loads of score-boosting spheres in a short time, the game still inevitably gets harder, whereas if the game gets harder depending on how long you played, the user can get as many score-boosting spheres as he wants without worrying about any sudden increases in difficulty. Haha, I doubt you understood what I mean, I suck at explaining...

A pause menu would also work well here. You could pause and see how many sphere types you've unlocked (so if for example you get to the yellow spheres, it becomes 'unlocked' in the pause menu where you can see what it does which makes it different from the other spheres), and pausing is useful when the user just needs a break, or possibly wants to change the song since you can't change the song when playing.

Additionally, I think a small tutorial would work well here. At first I didn't know I had to avoid *all* the spheres, and tried to grab the green ones while dodging the red ones, and I obviously lost. Same with the yellow sphere; I thought it was some sort of awesome powerup or something, but I lost when I touched it too. Speaking of that, powerups, as the other reviewers said, would really work well in this :).

This is an awesome game, I have to admit. The only problem with it is that it can get a bit boring at the beginning. Still, keep up the great work! :D

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TheSongSalad responds:

Thanks for the great review man. Your suggestions on the rate of difficulty increase are especially nice. That was one of the things that gave us the most trouble in getting right.

The pause idea is also great, and basing the increase in difficulty on time instead of score also makes a lot of sense (no worries, I understood what you were trying to say just fine).

All in all, you guys gave a lot of very helpful reviews, I love the RRC ;)

Kees' Adventure: TLC Kees' Adventure: TLC

Rated 4 / 5 stars

You gotta love the classics...

...This is a nice game, and I didn't get bored playing it. I haven't played any other Kees' Adventures, but what the heck, at least I have a good first impression with this game :D. Good job on this one; there's room for improvement but this is way above the NG standard and is enjoyable ^^.

Animation wasn't extraordinary, although I suppose that's expected in an 8-bit type game like this. Maybe this lacks some more animation, such as at the concert: everyone was standing still and not moving, which made the concert look boring. Give it some more animation to make it more lively and give the flash a more dramatic ending. As for the graphics, I really like them. They were not too complicated, but did the job well, and the characters were drawn excellently. My only complaint with the graphics would be how you drew the hand at the end. It looks weird and unnatural. Other than that, superb graphics.

The concept isn't too good unfortunately. It started off with a good start, but the whole 'normal life, date with a girl to a concert' where you happen to find someone who tells you the 'fate in the world rests in your hands' (I don't know how many times I heard that line before :P) is quite unoriginal and an overused concept. However, the gameplay overall is impressive. You had a decent amount of options such as pause, volume control and a mute option too, plus the game was well-made, with signs next to every building telling you what it is, a wide variety of different characters and some funny conversations.

The gameplay still isn't flawless though. The first and most obvious defect is that, as Roger said, it's so easy. Basically, for the whole game, you have to get random items from random people and give the random items to some other random person... randomly xD... What I'm trying to say is, allow your character to do stuff with his items, such as combine them to get a new item you might need, and allow your character to use items on certain things in the game to progress, instead of just give items to people. Also, add some puzzles; make this more mind-challenging. It will definitely provide much more satisfaction once the game is complete. Finally, make the items harder to find, like for example, you might find an item in the trashbin or in some drawer, instead of finding them lying on the ground or by asking people.

One thing that might make the game harder (other than hiding items in different places and adding some sort of ability to combine items to get a new item/use items on other things in the game) would be to make the places bigger. For example, when they lost the tickets, the place they were in was tiny, with a minimal amount of characters. You just had to ask certain characters what they want, find what they want, they give you another item, you give it to another character, etc... and this is all really easy in a really tiny place. Make the place a bit bigger, maybe even add some characters which give you misleading information or say something useless, because as far as I know, every character contributed to helping you out except Patrick who shouts out "Trollforce!" all the time.

Some other small things which would be cool would be stuff like you being given a choice to answer in a certain way to people. Instead of letting your character do all the talking, you can occasionally choose what to say to the other characters. Also, something really small but helpful would be if you already have a certain item which a character wants. He still says 'can you find it for me?' when you already have it, so make it that if you already have it, they say something like 'Oh, there it is! You're one step ahead of me! Thanks!' instead of you having to talk to them immediately after to give them the item.

The audio was alright. It lacks sound effects, but the music was nice and catchy. Still, it wasn't really anything too special. It sounded pretty plain if you get what I mean. Maybe you can also add different songs.

So overall, nice work, this is a fun game! Keep it up.

-Review Request Club-

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kcnh responds:

Thank you very much! You have written quite an impressive review, I'll be sure to use your advice for the next episode!

Bounce the Coffin Dodgers Bounce the Coffin Dodgers

Rated 4 / 5 stars


For a simple concept, this is quiet addictive, and on the whole it's an enjoyable game. It has its positive things and its negative things, although the pros outweigh the cons nicely, so in all this is a good game ^^. I managed to get a 65 as a high score, after like half an hour xD. Persistence FTW.

I was very impressed by your graphics. The background was superb, the characters were drawn really well, and nothing really looked sketchy or out of place, except maybe the fire at the top left. Not saying that it looked bad, because it looked fine, but I think the whole 'OMG the building is on fire' theme would be more effective if you had more fires surrounding the building, instead of one rather weak one at the top left. Instead, maybe, you can make it that the fire gets bigger/more fires are added in different positions around the building as you progress through the game. As for the animation, it was smooth overall, apart from the fact that it lags quite a bit, although it's probably me and my habit of leaving programs open in the taskbar instead of closing them when I'm done. *closes all programs* *plays game* Yeah, it's just me...

What you can do for more variety of animation would be as Fro said, to have more stuff going on in the background, such as birds flying, clouds moving, planes soaring past, etc... By the way, you should add a quick quality choice button while you're playing, typically 'Q'. I must say that the game is really chaotic and fun (not to mention extremely hard) when you have the quality down to lowest, all programs closed and all the processes you can end ended. That's why I think that a quality button would help a lot more instead of having to right click, go to quality, and choose the quality.

As for the concept, it isn't extremely original, but that's not really a big problem. Gameplay on the whole was very good, and I liked the fact that different characters fell at different speeds; it really forced you to multitask and keep your mind on all of the characters and not only 1. So yeah, gameplay was great, but the problem is that the gameplay is so basic...

Fro has some very good ideas, and I agree with him on having levels and a shop in-between. Maybe powerups can fall from the building too and if you get them, something happens, such as a powerup of bird feed where if you grab it birds will cover the screen, pick up every helpless elderly person in the screen currently, and transport him/her to the ambulance, or maybe another powerup which removes one of your casualties. Ideas like these could really spice up your game, adding some more originality and replay value to it. I also really like the idea that Fro suggested about a bit of a background story. Add some funny cutscene at the beginning showing how the fire started (with an option to skip it, obviously), then you're taken to the main menu.

When it comes to the audio, on the whole I was impressed. The song fit really really well with the game, and the sound effects were fine. I was hoping to hear more moans from the old people instead of just a bouncing sound effect, but other than that the sound effects were fine. Maybe you could add more audio options such as a choice of different music (the flash filesize is pretty small, so it won't hurt to make the flash a slight bit bigger), ability to mute the music/sound effects/both, etc...

In general I enjoyed this game. It's very addictive because of its difficulty and gameplay mixed with such a simple concept. In a nutcase, my only issue with this game is that it's too basic; it's as if it does what it's supposed to do (bounce around old folk) and that's it. Spice it up with some animation in the background, more fire animations, powerups, levels, a shop, a cutscene and even some audio options too like mute and a music choice. You have a very good base to build on, and I believe this has a lot of potential, so I think you really should consider upgrading this a little. In all, keep up the excellent work, and good luck on your future flashes.

-Review Request Club-

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

haha yes, the flame does look a lil' piddly! After realising how hard it is to draw fire I figured piddly flame will have to do!
Ye thanks for the idea with toggling quality and sound, I will definitely add it in at some point as well as future projects, can't do no harm being in!


Pyroscape Pyroscape

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Its brilliant humour makes up for its simplicity

I won't lie to you, this is among one of the more simple games on NG. The escape the room wasn't too mind-challenging, the hallway could be passed with the right-click cheat, the first part with the car was simply clicking the fire, the part inside the fire was easy since the zombies don't do anything to you, the second part with the car was short and easy, and the airplane part can be passed by pressing Tab and then Enter when an object comes up. Still, the cutscenes were fantastic and hilarious and the idea of mashing up different genres into one game is a good one. This has some defects, but the humour was great, and I enjoyed it.

There wasn't much animation, but the animation that there was was smooth. When it comes to the acting, I must say that I was really impressed. Nick is a natural at acting like an idiot, if I may say so myself :P. The graphics weren't too good unfortunately. Most of it was a video, but the drawn graphics could use some work. For example, the part of the hallway was pacman-style and really plainly drawn, and I can say the same thing for the road in the second part with the car. Still, the simple graphics add to the humourous style of the flash, so I won't really complain much about them.

The storyline is just hilarious. Its randomness, clashing with the generic minigames you added, really set off a funny atmosphere, and the fact that wherever Nick went there was fire was a really good idea. I especially laughed when Nick ran towards his car and said "Oh no, my car's on fire!", that part was really well acted. Maybe you could add even MORE minigames, since the flash as it is right now is short. Also, I don't understand what the escape the room part is about. You just get a bunch of random objects and suddenly a fire extinguisher pops up out of nowhere :S. The Easter Egg on the other hand was funny :D.

Also, the fact that you can cheat in almost every minigame is a bit of a bummer. In the room part, if you press Tab, you can see what you can press, in the hallway part, if you hold left-click and move or press right-click and move, you can easily pass the walls, and in the aeroplane part if you press tab and enter whenever an object comes up you can easily win. Add an instruction like 'Press Tab to commit suicide' and every time the user presses tab it goes to a 'game over' screen. Also, make it that if you left-click and hold or press right-click, you have to start from the beginning...

In addition, the game is really easy, even without cheating. Sure, the main attraction of the game would be its superb cutscenes, but if you give the game a bit more of a challenge, the person playing the game would feel more satisfied when finishing the game. The escape the room could involve some sort of puzzles which are a little challenging to figure out, the hallway part could have more fire, maybe moving walls too, the first part with the car could have some moving fires which you have to click on instead of stationary ones, the zombie part could be better if the zombies actually attack you, the second part with the car would be better if you make the place where the fire comes from randomly generated, and the part with the aeroplane could be some sort of shooter instead of simply clicking on objects. Maybe you can add a difficulty system/lives system, and a main menu would be cool too.

The audio was great. Voice acting was really good (although a little hard to understand at times, maybe you can add a subtitles option to the main menu, providing that you add one xD) and the songs you chose were fantastic and added to the atmosphere. The only thing I'd complain about is that the main loop you used didn't, err... loop. If there's some sort of silence in the loop, you can remove it with an audio editor (try Audacity) or if it's something to do with Flash, I can't help you there...

Overall, this made me laugh. Has its defects, but the fact that it's so funny really makes up for it. Good job, you deserved those awards :D. Keep it up!
5/5 - cuz you made me laugh.

-Review Request Club-

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Fro responds:

I think that you will be impressed with the added difficulty in the room. We'll take care of the cheats in the next one and there will be a couple more mini-games. We have it all planned out so far, but if there is more room then I have ideas for even more mini-games that would be like side quests and only done for fun.

Drug the mouse Drug the mouse

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Average at best...

This is an alright submission, has its pros and cons and there are worse submissions of this genre here on NG, plus it's additicting especially since it seems as if nobody cheated in the high scores system, so there's more of a challenge. Oh, and I beat all of the RRC members who submitted their scores. I am the superior RRC member >:3.

The graphics weren't horrible, but they weren't too special either. If you look at that background, you'll see that the fork looks like a disfigured miniature pitchfork and the plate has a ridiculously thick outline. The drugs were pretty blandly drawn but the mouse itself was alright. Unfortunately, the screen changing to different colours when the mouse was about to explode really shifted my concentration and was annoying, I think instead you should only subtly indicate that the mouse is about to explode, instead of filling the screen with colour.

The animation wasn't too smooth unfortunately, or at least for me it wasn't, even at low quality. It lagged quite a bit and buttons ended up unresoponsive. Still, that could just be my piece of crap, sorry, my computer, so it won't affect your score. Animation such as the mouse getting fatter could have been done a bit more smoothly, instead of suddenly switching from thin to fatter, so what I mean is you could have animated the transition from thin to fat instead of just switched from think to fad so suddenly. Still, that's just a weird nitpick.

The concept is unoriginal, let's face it. Collect the proper items, don't collect the bad ones. Still, the concept of drugging a mouse until it explodes is something I've never heard of before, so props for that original thought :D. The gameplay, unfortunately, is awkward. You move one direction, and the mouse automatically keeps on going for 1/5 of the ground. I think it's best to move freely, or maybe have a setting where you can enable/disable this movement. Also, I strongly suggest giving more time when the mouse explodes. 5 seconds is not nearly enough, and it's almost impossible to make the mouse explode more than once.

Another problem with this would be its lack of depth and variety. There are only 3 types of things that fall, and that's a small pill, a big one, and a heart. You could add many different things such as time powerups, point powerups, temporary immunity to hearts powerups, etc... You can add different game modes such as unlimited time mode (for practising), no hearts mode, etc... maybe some options too where you can change the music or change difficulty levels. Sure these are all time-consuming, but you don't have to do all of them. Add a few little percs to this, so it won't just be another collect/avoid game.

Another thing which I didn't like would be the fact that this has no levels. It's just pointlessly collecting and avoiding until time runs out, with no goal except to achieve the highest score. I think levels with varying difficulties would do wonders to this submission, as Coop83 said, and having new backgrounds would add to the variety of the submission, since TBH the kitchen background got boring :P.

Also, 3 glitches: the one that Coop83 pointed out with the loading screen would be the first one. The second one would be when you start the game, if you don't move at all, the pills would fall right through you and you won't collect them, and finally the last one (don't know if this happened to me only or not) is when, after the high scores, somehow it just diverts to the game again, instead of the main menu, except no pills are falling. I move one space, and then the mouse disappears too and I'm stuck with the background only. I can't move or go back to the menu :S.

The audio was fine. The song sounded cool and fit well with the submission, although maybe some SFX to indicate if you caught/missed a pill and when you explode might work.

Overall, this is a decent submission, although it looks a bit sketchy, and lacks depth. Add a few different things to it, and make it more than just your average collect/avoid game.

-Review Request Club-

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MonoFlauta responds:

"Oh, and I beat all of the RRC members who submitted their scores. I am the superior RRC member >:3."

Not really :P i am monoflauta and i am too in the club haha

"The graphics weren't horrible, but they weren't too special either."

Yes i know, i didnt make them so i cant comment a lot for it -.-

"The animation wasn't too smooth unfortunately"

Yes that is my fault -.- sorry :P i know i made it in a difficult way

"Also, 3 glitches"

Oh didnt know about the second one and the third one, thanks :S

"The audio was fine. The song sounded cool and fit well with the submission, although maybe some SFX to indicate if you caught/missed a pill and when you explode might work."

Yes you are right -.- looks like you are allways right lol, you make nice reviews

Thanks for reviewing!

Hypno8 Hypno8

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good :).

A simple concept, yet pretty addictive and fun to play, still. Has its advantages and disadvantages, maybe the most obvious of the disadvantages is that there's so little to do, just click on a spiral as you follow it through a pattern of '8'.

The graphics were good. A little simple, but the fact that you added so many things to make you get distracted from the actual game gave a bigger challenge than just following a spiral and clicking it. Not really much to do to improve the graphics here ^^. The animation was smooth, although maybe you could add a 'Quality' button, since at times the game may lag. Sure you can just right-click and change the quality, but that won't work when you have to keep your mouse in the spiral.

The concept is quite original, which boost your score a little. As for the gameplay, there isn't really much I can complain about. What I would complain about is the lack of different things to do in this game. The aim is simple: click on a spiral and follow it until it becomes too fast for you to follow and you lose inevitably. While this game may be addictive at first, I won't want to come back to it and play it again, since it lacks depth.

To spice it up a bit, I liked Kirbyfemur's idea of making the background more distracting as you go along, so maybe you could try that out. Possibly add more than one spiral which have different paths and when they touch each other you have to swiftly move to the next spiral since the original spiral was disappearing or something like that. Change the spiral path too, having an '8' makes it too predictable. Things like this can really add to your game.

The audio was fine. Music was alright, and I liked that it changed speed, although the fact that later on it moved back to a slow speed even though you were in a harder level was a bit anti-climatic. Other than that, not really much to complain about with the audio.

This is a simple game, fun to play for a while, although lacks depth. Sure it's simple and fun, but can get boring, so I'd suggest making it more complicated with more to do than just click and follow. Still, keep up the good work :).

-Review Request Club-

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Highway Jumper Highway Jumper

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Well, I can't say I was impressed...

It's not too good and gets old pretty quickly. It's simply jumping over cars without any extra features, and I got tired of it after jumping over around five cars.

The graphics are decent. I suppose the cars didn't look too bad and the background was OK, plus the deaths were drawn well, but the jumping retard looked a bit too roughly drawn. Also, the cars were all (at least as far as I made it to, anyway) blue; you could've varied the colour; maybe add stuff like bikes - not only cars. The animation was really skippy and slow for me, maybe that's because of my horrible, ancient computer, but I'd prefer that instead of jumping lower in Normal mode, you could make it that the cars are faster. That's what I expected when I pressed on Normal.

The concept is obviously not too original. You said yourself that the older games were pretty much based on this. You could add some originality yourself like some weird powerups, or something. Gameplay was a little annoying, especially since it jumps after you let go, which seems pretty pointless to me. If you made it that the longer you hold the space button, the further you jump, it'd be a little better IMO.

Maybe a good idea would be adding levels to the game. Give each level a theme to it; for example level 1 will be a caveman retard jumping over boulders, level 2 will be some medieval retard jumping over cavalry, level 3 will the present day using the theme you used right now, and then level 4 will be some retard robot jumping over hovercrafts or something :P. Use your imagination, and don't stick to blandly jumping over cars ^^.

The audio, as Coop83 said, was annoying. Either you choose something which the player wouldn't mind hearing non-stop, make a selection of different songs, add a mute button or do all of those together :D.

Well, TBH, I *am* surprised that this managed to get a front page. Although the graphics were OK, the concept was unoriginal, it got boring quickly, it had only one level, there was barely any variety and the audio was nothing too special. Sorry for the harsh review, better luck next time ;).

-Review Request Club-

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evan210 responds:

No, I'm ok with a bad score; as long as it gives me some constructive criticism I'm happy.

Mr Agnry Faic 3 Mr Agnry Faic 3

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Has its pros and cons...

You're a really good flash artist, that's for sure, you took your time in this game and the attractive menu icons, neat layout, great logo, smooth gameplay and many different game types prove it. Sadly, this does need more work.

The graphics aren't that special when it comes to backgrounds (NG-based, as SCTE3 put it) but as I said in the paragraph above, the menu, the logo, and practically anything else was drawn greatly. The animation was all nice and smooth, so good job over there. What could be cool is if you added an animation when your faic changed colour. Maybe a little fade and some small paint drops shoot out of you could do the trick.

The concept was used loads of times, but you used it pretty well over here. There was a big variety of different game modes and options which added a little more to the boring concept of a collecting game. As for the gameplay, I liked that you can choose between arrow keys and mouse (although the mouse is obviously the best choice :P), and although at times the game did get a little boring, it's practically just as or almost as fun as games of this genre can get. I agree with Haggard, though. At times the other faic's just appeared next to you and make you lose health, so you should make them appear from the sides only.

Also, a little problem that annoyed me a little was not the menu interface, but the information that was presented in the menu wasn't enough, IMO. I had to pick up how to play the game without any help from a tutorial or a 'How to Play/Instructions' section in the menu. You could add some instructions to the game menu, since not everyone played your other Agnry Faic games ;). You could add what happy faic's mean, what the objective of the game is, etc. Also, when you're choosing the options for a game, you don't know when you're selecting or deselecting because all the checkbox does is change colour. Instead, add a check onto the checkbox to show that it's selected.

Also, this could do with some more options related to individual game modes. For example, an option to choose how many seconds you want as a time limit in a Timed game, how long you have to stay in a paint blob to change colour in a Paint 'em game, an option to choose how many colours you can change to in a classic game, an option to choose how many angry faic's can be on a screen at once, an option to choose what speed the angry faic's will travel in, etc.

Powerups would be awesome in this game. The only powerup I saw was the health pickup, so maybe you could add one like a smaller angry faic to play as, one where you keep flashing different colours and any angry faic you touch counts as a point (only lasts for a few seconds), etc. By the way, I liked the addition of a high scores system; it gives a competitive edge to the game. Also, something which made the game easy was that if you stayed at the bottom of the screen, only the happy faic's and the health pickups fall down; the other angry faic's just bounce onto the part at the bottom without touching you.

The audio was decent. You could add some more variety though, like adding one song for timed matches, one song for paint 'em matches, one song for classic matches, one menu song, and one small song that plays when you lose. Either that, or give a choice of different music, so it can apply for people of different music tastes ;). Some sound effects when you touch an angry faic that matches/doesn't match with your colour, a health pickup and a happy faic would be cool too.

Your interface is excellent, your graphics are great, your animation is smooth, and there are a few side features like high scores and different game modes, but you could do with more variety of audio, a more informative menu, more options, and some powerups. Still, good job. If you ever make Agnry Faic 4, I'm sure it'll be awesome ;).

-Review Request Club-

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:The Dot Game: :The Dot Game:

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Yep, covered in glitches :P

It's definitely great for your first game, I believe this is one of the best first games I've seen :). I'm just happy it's not a maze game using the mouse or a dress-up game :P.

Animation was quite smooth, although at times I went through platforms and started falling down when I wasn't supposed to. Still, not too bad animaton, with a good game engine as Coop83 said. Graphics weren't too good, TBH. Platforms were just black blotches and occasionally black squares, the dot seemed to change in every level except towards the end where it remained the same, which was wierd, and there was no background; instead a bland white screen. Try something gradient for a background, or maybe try drawing a space background or something. Just please take away that awful white. :\

The concept, obviously, isn't that original. A platform game played with oversized dot. Also, as Kirbyfemur said quite clearly, there were loads of bugs. For example, sometimes, when you fell down, you kept falling down forever, and this would result in having to restart the game. Also, at level 10, right under the platform where the portal was, there was a little passage which you could enter, and if you jumped, you'd be teleported up to the top of the platform. Oh, and at level 15, the music decided to stop. D: I would mention more glitches, but it seems like Kirbyfemur covered the majority of them :P.

The gameplay was alright; a little awkward because of the glitches, but still OK I didn't like how the game's levels progressed, though. Level 1 was harder than 2, the one with the broken spikes (I think it's level 7), although it made me lol, was practically one of the easiest. Some levels were creative, but there was nothing which was new to platform games like these. Oh, and I liked that you had the preloader letting you move the dot around while you wait, but I didn't need to wait for that long so it wasn't such a useful feature :P.

The game overall is quite short and easy. You could either do longer levels, or increase the amount of levels to something extraordinary like 100, leaving the gamer to think 'Man, when will this ever finish??'. Also, maybe you could add bonus levels, like ones with a timer, ones where you have to find all of the pickups, etc. Also, the menu button was a little wierd, since I thought it was a platform, I jumped on it, and fell to my death :P. I'd rather you put it up to the top left corner, and made it so that it moved with the camera. This would help a lot in longer levels (if you add any). Either that, or you add a pause screen.

Also, regarding the end, where you said 'Try to finish the game always bouncing'. This gave me an idea. Maybe when you win the first 15 levels, there's another game mode where you have to do it always bouncing, and it automatically bounces your dot up and down for you, then another one when you win the bouncing mode where you have to finish the game with the left and right keys inverted, and another with a timer afterwards, where you have to win the whole game in like 2 minutes or something, and then another game mode with all of those other modes combined or something. It'd really make the game longer, if you're not aiming for increasing the amount of levels.

Not much to say about the audio. it had a good song (which disappeared at level 15 as I said before D:) and I liked that you had a victory theme at the end. What you could do is add a different song for every game mode (if you add any), since the size of the file is quite small, and I don't think it would do any harm to add some more songs. Also, the preloader 'minigame' does need an excuse to be played more while the game is loading :P...

It's an OK game, and really great for your first. Work on those glitches, the graphics and the game itself: maybe giving it some game modes and stuff. Still, not a bad job overall, keep on going at this rate and I'm sure you'll become a great flash animator. Sorry for the awfully long review... D:

-Review Request Club-

Reached the character limit, in case you want to know :P.

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Joshsouza responds:

Thanks for the review! Although I can't do all of those game modes to add in and 100 levels would take A LOT of time. I AM still a beginner. I only said to finish the game alwaysbouncing because I thought it would be a little bit more challenging and that I couldn't make the game mode. Thanks for the review again it is the best on I have recieved so far. :D