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Hey! My name's Stephan Wells, and I'm a musician, mixing engineer, programmer, proofreader, gamer, aspiring game developer, audio moderator, and former host of the NGADM. Thanks to Youkos for the user image and profile icon!

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Step's News

Posted by Step - September 17th, 2012

Look what I found.

There is this INCREDIBLY underrated program called puush. It's free, simple to use, very small (uses up like 600k from your RAM), and what it does is amazing. You can integrate it with your right-click button menu and it adds an option called 'puush'. Click on it, and it automatically uploads it online and throws its link in your clipboard so you can share it with other people. It's like the ultimate file-hosting service.

On top of that, it gives you keyboard shortcuts to make screenshots of your whole screen or parts of your screen, and it automatically uploads these too, giving you a link. To make things even sweeter there are no ads whatsoever, the links are direct downloads so if they're media files you can see them directly in your browser, and the generated links are really small so you don't even need a URL shortener like goo.gl or bit.ly.

And let me remind you that it's FREE. There's the option to upgrade to a subscription of $15 to give you a few upgraded perks, but it still functions fantastically in the free version. Just had to put this out there. It's an excellent program and it needs to be more popular.



Posted by Step - August 29th, 2012



Posted by Step - August 21st, 2012

You know Reset, the five-way collaboration I contributed to? Yeah, I made a video for it. Please check it out k?

Posted by Step - July 31st, 2012

SkyeWintrest posted a 101% awesome new song, called Ipex#836. Yeah I didn't understand the name either. I did add a violin to it though! CHECK IT OUT.

And if you're a fan of vocals, please do check out the five-way Okami collaboration I worked on for nearly 30 hours over here:

Reset (Instrumental)

That is all!

Posted by Step - July 24th, 2012

Recently I've been part of a very big collaborative project remixing this Okami song.

Shanath organised the whole thing and made the arrangement, I remade it all with new instruments/mixing, Buoy provided the guitar, the YouTube user Fyri52 provided the voice and Mrmilkcarton mastered the whole thing. I personally spent nearly 28 hours on it, and everyone else also worked very hard on it, so it's a pretty big project, which took months to finish.

CHECK IT OUT. We'd all love some feedback!

Obligatory project-file screenshot.

Okami Remix!

Posted by Step - July 15th, 2012

Hey, you might have heard of Trinity, my super massive medley of the Wii game 'Monster Hunter Tri'.

Whatever the case, I made a video of it taking footage of the game and matching it with the music. It took me a long while and I'd be immensely grateful if you could check it out and perhaps leave a comment. I'm not very popular on YouTube so despite all my work I don't see this getting over a few hundred views on its own so spread the word if you like it and I'll inflate with gratefulness or something.

Check it out!

Posted by Step - July 1st, 2012

Hey there. This newspost is about the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch 2012, an annual knockout audio competition organised by Echo and I. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then go listen to my latest song or something.


These are the rules to the competition. Read them carefully and follow them like your life depends on it.

1.) If you're one of the 32 competitors, every song you post must be made from scratch in the 2 week period that you're given per round. This rule doesn't count for auditions - you may post whatever song you want from whatever date in this thread to audition, as long as it's yours, but when the actual competition starts, you've got to pump out a song for all of the rounds that you survive in.
2.) Due to the advent of the Newgrounds Project System, we will be allowing collaborations this year. Partners who wish to enter the competition as a team must do so by posting an audition AS A TEAM OF TWO. If they make it into the main competition, they've got to remain a team for the entire length of the competition and cannot opt to choose another partner in a later round or split up. It is allowed for just one person from the team to make a song if the other is unavailable, but the final prize must be split equally regardless of who worked the most.
3.) Remixes and covers are not allowed. Everything you make must be 100% your own work, but the use of singers or voice actors is allowed.
4.) Any genre which can be counted as music is allowed, and our judges will be as unbiased as possible. Remember, this competition is entirely dedicated to music, so voice acting, experimental noise, sound effects, and anything of the sort which can't be considered music is strictly prohibited. Acapella tracks do not fall under voice acting and are allowed.
5.) If there's something you don't agree with, something you want to complain about or a flame war you want to start, leave it for PM's. If you have any suggestions for this NGADM and future NGADM's, post in the suggestions thread.
6.) DISCLAIMER: While pretty much everyone had fun in previous NGADM's, this contest is tough. You're expected to produce one whole song every 2 weeks until you're knocked out, and that's up to 5 songs in the course of three months. If you don't think you can keep up with this pace, or if you don't have time/have a busy schedule, then don't join. We love seeing new faces join the competition, and old faces returning for a rematch, but inactive competitors really make everything messy and hard to handle.
7.) Because the competition is so gigantic, there'll be separate threads. You may discuss stuff and joke around in these threads, but try and keep it NGADM-related (or at the very least music related). To put it in an example, you may talk about how your cat bit your ass to suddenly give you inspiration to make the most amazing contest submission ever, but you can't talk about your cat and you certainly can't talk about your ass.
8.) Posting contest submissions which are uploaded to a site other than Newgrounds is prohibited, unless for a very good reason, in which case contact one of us.
9.) All Audio Portal rules apply (read this to learn more about what's good and what's not). Failure to comply with said rules will result in a disqualification and possibly even an audio ban. And yes, BBS rules apply too.
10.) Lastly, have fun. There are prizes, and this competition should also be supported officially by NG, but it's still a friendly competition to get the community together and have some competitive fun. If you lost, don't be a sore loser. If you don't agree about something, discuss it maturely via PMing. Like we always say, do NOT take the word 'deathmatch' literally.


This is the schedule. The judges will try and follow it like their lives depend on it:

Starts - 01/07/2012
Ends - 28/07/2012

Auditions (Judging):
Starts - 28/07/2012
Ends - 01/08/2012

Round 1:
Starts - 01/08/2012
Ends - 15/08/2012

Round 1 (Judging):
Starts - 15/08/2012
Ends - 19/08/2012

Round 2:
Starts - 19/08/2012
Ends - 02/09/2012

Round 2 (Judging):
Starts - 02/09/2012
Ends - 05/09/2012

Starts - 05/09/2012
Ends - 19/09/2012

Quarter-Finals (Judging):
Starts - 19/09/2012
Ends - 21/09/2012

Starts - 21/09/2012
Ends - 05/10/2012

Semi-Finals (Judging):
Starts - 05/10/2012
Ends - 07/10/2012

Starts - 07/10/2012
Ends - 21/10/2012

Finals (Judging):
Starts - 21/10/2012
Ends - 23/10/2012


And here are the prizes!

1st place:
1.) The option of a frontpage of one of your songs of your choice.
2.) A 1st place NGADM '11 forum signature.
3.) $60 Newgrounds Store Credit.
4.) A big crushing hug!

2nd place:
1.) The option of a frontpage of one of your songs of your choice.
2.) A 2nd place NGADM '11 forum signature.
3.) $30 Newgrounds Store Credit.
4.) A high-five.

3rd place:
1.) The option of a frontpage of one of your songs of your choice.
2.) A 3rd place NGADM '11 forum signature.
3.) $15 Newgrounds Store Credit.
4.) A charming smile.

4th place:
1.) Honourable mention.
2.) A wink.


Got any questions? PM me or Echo!

Posted by Step - June 21st, 2012

THIS is the longest song I've ever made, hardest I've ever worked on and most ambitious I've ever attempted. It's a medley of one of my favourite games; Monster Hunter Tri. Please check it out!

I took the liberty of making seven different screenshots in all their colour-coded goodness. You may also check these out.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5
Screenshot 6
Screenshot 7


Posted by Step - June 16th, 2012

Made a song for Father's Day which my brother will be drumming to. It's a generic pop song (my dad's favourite genre is pop) and I don't think it came out too well since I'm very inexperienced at pop, but I hope he likes it anyway. It's a remake of my older song which I coincidentally also called "A New Leaf".



Oh, and take a look at this Metroid album preview! I'm part of the album and my song is the Luminoth remix (the fifth showcase).

Father's Day Pop

Posted by Step - June 11th, 2012


Will be uploading more tracks to it later.

EDIT: I broke SoundCloud. Apparently I'm now following myself.

So I made a SoundCloud account...