2012-09-23 19:10:03 by Step

I made a new song at last. This one's for a school project so if you've happened to stumble upon my profile and you're the type to leave the page the instant you see these advertising newsposts, I would very highly appreciate you making an exception just this once :3.

Here's a screenshot. The pattern indicator is no lie; this actually took 318 patterns. Don't ask me how.



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2012-09-23 19:31:20

...I would totally review that right now but I need to finish that song I'm uploading tomorrow. I'll try to review it tomorrow then kay? :D

Step responds:

You're awesome.


2012-09-23 19:33:27


Step responds:



2012-09-23 20:27:34

I <3'd it!I am making a music i need for school to next month's end,this gave me a huge inspiration.ILY YOU!(no homo)

Step responds:

Hahaha. I'm glad it gave you inspiration.

Hey if you want you can hit me up when it's finished and I'll give you some feedback :3.


2012-09-24 00:42:53

damn son that song turned out good. I'll do a solid review of it sometime in the near future.

Step responds:

You're also awesome.


2012-09-24 05:49:05

318 patterns :O Holy crap! Must be Gold!

Step responds:

Well it was certainly a lot of work, I'll give you that!

Thanks for commenting :3.


2012-09-24 06:52:12

Listened, downloaded, awesome work. :D

Step responds:

Thanks a million dude :3.


2012-10-05 15:04:41

It turned out amazing, so really good job. I blast this one a 5 daily.

Step responds:

OH so that's why the score is so high. omgthanks.


2012-10-09 12:51:23

Your work is so beautifullllll. :O Can't wait to hear your next composition! :D You are so talented!

(Updated ) Step responds:

Omg thank you :3.