Entry #124

New music!

2016-02-12 11:07:46 by Step

I've been regretfully a bit inactive recently, but I think it's about time I replace the outdated NGADM newspost with something new. So... I'm happy to say that I've released some new music and have more on its way!

Check out this orchestral piece I've been working on for quite a while now. It's an arrangement of some music from the game Guild Wars 2.

As for upcoming music, look forward to multiple animation scores, a singalong collaboration, and hopefully more, if my workload permits.

Also, I'm approaching 1,000 fans, which is pretty amazing! Anyone who wants to help me out here will be handsomly rewarded with copious amounts of internets and cookies.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day.


EDIT: Apparently I hit 1,000 fans. Thank you very much, this is a huge milestone!


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2016-02-12 11:22:59

Consider me fan #961 c:

(Updated ) Step responds:

Consider me grateful!


2016-02-12 12:21:01

I followed you before it was cool. Or at least, I think so. I deserve some special reward for that, so GIMME PLS

Step responds:

Oh please. Following me was ALWAYS cool. D:


2016-02-13 04:40:44

Hey there, welcome back to hell!
Enjoy your stay
[insert obligatory "Step" pun]

Step responds:

I tried to think of a Step pun to insert in there, but I got nowhere. It felt like I was going one step forward and two steps back.


2016-02-14 16:03:01

Took you long enough! Your page is one of the few things I check when I come here, but you've never posted anything new until now :{

Step responds:


Yeah geez, I haven't done music in a looong while. Getting back into it now though! But you're not one to talk with your last known released song being something like two years ago :p.


2016-02-17 23:59:37

Still waiting on my cookies. Hope they arrive at my door"step" :'D


Step responds:

What kind of cookies? Lemon-flavoured? Or is that cannibalism?


2016-03-24 17:37:55


Step responds:

Ara hah-uh ull-balluh.

Looks like someone managed to remember his Newgrounds password. How have you been? :O


2016-04-14 11:13:41

Pretty good, decided to stop by for nostalgic purposes

Step responds:

Newgrounds is probably the source of 99% of my nostalgia haha.


2016-04-24 01:55:05

Only three fans to go! You can do it!

Step responds:

Apparently, I've done it!


2016-04-29 01:55:20

999 fans, woah! Just one more. Unfortunately I am already following you, so I am deprived of the honor :(

Step responds:

I remember with someone else I wanted to be their #100 fan, and they were at 99 fans, so I un-favourited them, putting them to 98, then waited for some unsuspecting dude to favourite them before me, so I could be the 100th. Someone else beat me to it though and I ended up being the 101st :(.

Anyway, sorry for the late response lol.


2016-05-02 16:14:02

Consider me fan #1,001. So, gratz on 1,000 fans!

Step responds:

Thank you!