Entry #122

Toto - Africa Cover

2015-06-28 11:07:39 by Step

Toto - Africa cover. 13 people involved. 22 different vocal lines. I did the mixing. GO LISTEN.


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2015-06-28 15:17:56

You did good, Step. You did real good. Who's a good Step? Who's a good Step? YOU ARE!! YES YOU ARE!!

Step responds:



2015-06-28 23:57:15

Future headlines: "Presenting singalong #22 - 58 people involved. 236 different vocal lines. Step's ears have caved in."

In all seriousness, good work, as usual! ;)

Step responds:

LOL, I can imagine that headline happening.

Shame you couldn't take part this time, but we had some pretty awesome percussionists cover for you at least! Glad you liked it.


2015-06-29 02:48:48

HOW did I miss this. This is fantastic tbh and wow I haven't listened to this song in awhile, this was a great reminder :)

Step responds:

Aw, thanks for the heart-warming comment!