Entry #116

I Made Snake Eater and Mario Galaxy Arrangements!

2014-12-26 08:12:45 by Step

Hope you've all had a merry christmas! To end the year, here are some arrangements I made for the free Smash Bros arrangement album Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash:


Snake Eater Arrangement

Super Mario Galaxy Medley


Feedback would be great!


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2014-12-26 21:47:34

STEP. While we were talking about fearofdark I thought I would send you this song because it's my favorite chiptune song ever. Not even exaggerating. http://fearofdark.bandcamp.com/track/hopeless-romantic

And since we have the same exact taste and all I'm pretty sure you're gonna agree...

Step responds:

JESUS CHRIST that melody ;_;. I is ded.

This guy is really good, man. Thanks for sharing him!


2014-12-27 16:40:24

That Snake Eater arrangement was incredible, the pace and vocals really come together perfectly, I think I prefer it to the original version xD Definitely going to be listening to this over and over! ^_^

I'm not familiar with Mario Galaxy music, but the track had a lot of great up beat energy, with some nice transitions and high points.

Both tracks were a treat to listen to, and thanks to In a Dream, I'll probably be walking around going "Snaaaake Eateeer" all day xD

Step responds:

Hahaha, that phrase is so addicting isn't it? I'm really glad you enjoyed both tracks! Thanks for dropping by!


2015-01-16 16:26:07

Welp, followed your link to see the rest of the HoH, and...7 HOURS!? Holy crap, guys! I wasn't exactly expecting to some operas! Man, are you guys trying to recreate ALL of the Smash songs in full 5 minute epics form!?

Step responds:

Hahaha it's crazy I know. Hell, that's just the tip of the iceberg. If we arranged all the music in Smash we'd easily double the album length.