Entry #103

Hey um...

2013-07-26 16:11:43 by Step

Check out my new track please? kthx.

Hey um...


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2013-07-26 16:48:47

convince me

Step responds:

That project file screenshot looks pretty damn sexy doesn't it? Wouldn't the song be EVEN SEXIER?


2013-07-26 18:46:31

...is it just me, or am I seeing a penis in that screenshot?

Step responds:

How the hell can you catch such subliminal messages.

Must be a Newgrounds thing.


2013-07-26 22:08:50

too much

Step responds:

Too much what?


2013-07-27 01:06:43

You know, if you look at your picture, it looks like a little lizard guy wearing a sombrero on top of the green ground. The orangebrown bits at the top are the hat. The blue bits are the body (with tail). The purple bit on the left is the nose sticking out of the head. And the red ones in the middle are the feet.

Step responds:

Aw damn now I have to rename the track The Mexican Lizard.


2013-07-27 04:49:50

I see the same tailed sombrero guy johnfn sees, except I picture the blue-purple protrusion on the right to be a basket and the four scattered tracks on the left to be seeds. The green ground is floating and the whole picture looks like a sombrero guy trying to plant flowers on a tiny sky island.

Step responds:

Props to FL for being environmentally friendly.


2013-07-27 14:00:59

stuff happening at once

Step responds:

That's how I roll.


2013-07-27 15:38:44

well it doesnt sound very good

Step responds:

That's too bad :(.


2013-07-27 18:52:10

Pshh it DOES TOO sound good! You're a talented gentleman. that's a fun colorful structure in the FL studio playlist you got there, lots of stuff too o.o but the song itself sounds great and has good structure, definately nailed the theme I think.

Step responds:

That's great to hear :3. Thank you.


2013-07-27 22:04:28

um rhymes with chum!

Step responds:

Indeed it does!


2013-07-28 08:14:03

o.O I have the same skin I love this skin :))

Step responds:

Well, that's the default FL Studio skin. Although it is a sexy skin indeed :3.


2013-07-29 08:38:21

I never knew that since I changed the skin so long ago :p

Step responds:

Oh OK!


2013-08-10 17:46:05

Love the piece Step! I left a review on it, granted it is short!

Step responds:

Aw thanks!


2013-08-11 09:26:13

Ah so thats how you compose, i compose full tracks in a single piano roll xD



(Updated ) Step responds:

SkyeWintrest tells me he does the exact same thing (although more like in one FL Studio pattern since you can't quite make a whole song with different instruments in one piano roll without using different MIDI channels I guess); he says it helps avoid repetition. I can't stand not having everything organised and colour-coded and icon-coded though :3.


2013-08-11 09:58:45

Am I allowed to remix it? An electronic remix? If so, I hope i dont give up recreating the beats with my ear lol.

Step responds:

Haha why not? Give it a shot, I'd love to hear the result.