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NGADM Rules, Schedule and Whatnot

Posted by Step - June 15th, 2013

Hello! Welcome to the unofficially official Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch 2013 (NGADM) newspost! If you've never heard of the NGADM and you're an Audio Portal musician, then you, my friend, have been living in a cave :).


The competition is split into two: The AUDITIONS phase and the KNOCKOUT phase. 64 artists from the auditions phase will be chosen to take part in the main knockout competition.

Here's a set of rules that competitors should follow for the auditions:

1.) You are allowed to post a music track that you've made from scratch for the auditions, or a music track that you've made in the past.
2.) The audition may be a cover/arrangement, but unless you're entering as a team, it cannot be a collaborative effort. Having someone play an instrument or sing for you doesn't count as a collaborative effort in this contest.
3.) If you posted your audition track but change your mind and wish to change it, state CLEARLY in the thread.
4.) If you're entering as a team of two, your audition can be a collaborative effort between you and your collab partner, or a track by any one of you individually. Remember, though, that the prize will have to be split between both of you!
5.) Auditions posted after the deadline will not be accepted unless it's for a ridiculously good reason.

And here's a set of rules for the main knockout competition:

1.) Every track you make in the knockout contest has to be made from scratch, by you, for the competition. No remixes, covers or arrangements. Having said that, you may ask someone to play an instrument for you or sing for you, as long as all the composition is done by you.
2.) If you enter the contest as a team of two, you are allowed to "tag-team" the rounds (i.e. one collab partner does one round, the other does another round, etc) or collaborate on tracks, but you can't switch collab partner mid-contest!
3.) Keep in mind that this is a MUSIC competition. We won't judge voice-acting, experimental noise, sound effects or anything that doesn't count as music.
4.) If you finish a round's track early, you may start another one which you can use for the following round, assuming you make it through.
5.) Keep to the deadlines of each round! This contest is massive and tough; you're expected to dish out a track every two weeks until you're eliminated! If you can't keep up with this pace, or you know you're going to be busy, then reconsider taking part. Walkovers just make things messy and hard to handle.

And some general rules:

1.) All tracks posted to the competition must be uploaded to Newgrounds. Audition tracks which aren't uploaded to Newgrounds are accepted ONLY on a special-case basis, so you'd better have a good reason.
2.) Keep any suggestions, arguments and complaints to PMs. Do NOT argue or complain about a judge's score, for example, in the thread. Please also note that Back-From-Purgatory is watching the thread closely, analysing it for any foolish rule-breaker who he can use as his next play-toy.
3.) Use the NGADM threads to post your submissions, but you may also post any kind of discussion. That said, try to keep it NGADM-related or music-related. As we say every year, you can talk about how your cat bit your ass which suddenly gave you inspiration to make the most amazing song ever, but you can't talk about your cat and you certainly can't talk about your ass.
4.) All Audio Portal rules apply, and all BBS rules apply. This should go without saying!
5.) Lastly, this contest is here to have some competitive fun, keyword being FUN. Do not enter it with the sole intent of winning; we encourage friendly discussion, posting reviews on each other's tracks and being a good sport. However, don't all be softies either. This is called a deathmatch for a reason! Now put your game face on.



Starts: 06/15/2013
Ends: 07/15/2013

Auditions (J)
Starts: 07/15/2013
Ends: 07/20/2013

Round 1
Starts: 07/20/2013
Ends: 08/03/2013

Round 1 (J)
Starts: 08/03/2013
Ends: 08/10/2013

Round 2
Starts: 08/10/2013
Ends: 08/24/2013

Round 2 (J)
Starts: 08/24/2013
Ends: 08/30/2013

Round 3
Starts: 08/30/2013
Ends: 09/13/2013

Round 3 (J)
Starts: 09/13/2013
Ends: 09/18/2013

Quarter Finals
Starts: 09/18/2013
Ends: 10/02/2013

Quarter Finals (J)
Starts: 10/02/2013
Ends: 10/06/2013

Semi Finals
Starts: 10/06/2013
Ends: 10/20/2013

Semi Finals (J)
Starts: 10/20/2013
Ends: 10/23/2013

Starts: 10/23/2013
Ends: 11/06/2013

Finals (J)
Starts: 11/06/2013
Ends: 11/09/2013

Comments (20)

Its NG Champions league+SuperBowl time!
How i wish one of those 64 spots * . *




Are you aware you actually inspired my rapper name (DiVoTion) for the Clabtrap contest?
..true story btw

Seriously? Hahaha awesome.

I'm going to try and get back in this year again; look out for me!

Hell I didn't even know you went back to MAKING MUSIC let alone joining music contents. D:

That's great, show me what you got!

Show me watcha got, show me whatcha got! :D

Reading my newsposts, responding to my posters.

I've posted my audition in the thread.
And I'm scared, ;(
comfort me, step. ;(((

Don't worry man, there will only be like 300 other people auditioning. You'll be fine :).

Alright, I'm gonna try...this has definitely been the year of me trying everything happening on NG.

Woo! Good luck :3.

No remixes or covers... you really know how to silence our voices don't ya... what bull sh*t

I don't follow. What do you mean?

Aaaand for the first time im going to take part in the NGADM hehe >:D

Do eet.

Let's slaughter each other until there's no one left.

That's the idea!

Does each round or match have a theme? Or can you make whatever you want?

You can make whatever you want! Echo and I have considered making themed rounds years ago, but personally I never really wanted to take the risk doing so; the NGADM has always been entirely free of stylistic, thematic and genre-related restrictions, and we're most likely going to keep it that way.

does the contest limit the number of submission? does it have length limitation for the submission?

You can only have one audition but there's no length limit. Needless to say, however, a one-minute track will probably have a small amount of content or content that's undeveloped, and a 9-minute track might get boring or monotonous after a while so if you make something short or long, watch out for those problems!

Oh man, 6 songs in a row every 2 weeks, this is so hard... BUT I LIKE CHALLENGES! Well... I was pretty inactive from NewGrounds in the past, also quit producing music for almost 1 year becuase of my worthless pc and poor equipment to arrange good quality songs, i mean, FL Studio freezes when i use a lot of sounds like 6 or 7, but anyways this'll be a good experience and of course, it'll be fun! Let's see how far i can slaught. THIS IS SPARTAAAAA!!!

Not quite Sparta yet. We'll wait till there are 300 auditions :3.

Good to see you taking part!

Well - I've kept up with my own challenge of writing a song-per-week this year. Even sold one of them fer real money! I'm in. Here's hoping I can get a spot! This should be great practice!

The problem with making a track every week or a track every two weeks for me isn't that I won't be able to finish something in time. It's that there's little guarantee I'll be able to think of something good in time. I'm pretty surprised you managed to keep up a pace of one song a week. I can barely do one song a month!

I got a little question. Sorry, I'm dumb when it comes to datums and schedules etc... But if you get pass through the auditions, does that mean you have to submit one song BEFORE 3 August? GMT or another time thing? Sorry, I feel dumb now.... ;( But I hope you can give me an answer. Thanks!!

Actually 8th of August is the final day in which we accept submissions so after the clock ticks midnight you wouldn't be able to post your Round 1 track. We use Newgrounds time which is in EST! Don't worry about it though. We'll make everything clear once the contest begins :).

My body is ready for dem results step <3

I hope it's still ready because the results come out today!

Will be shocked if i make it but I look forward to watching this competition to see some amazing music that gets made in the process :) good luck everyone.

Time will tell. Good luck to yourself!

Im scared :s


I need the inspiration to make the most amazing song ever, but no matter what I do my cat refuses to bite my ass.

This will be a problem.

Blood for the blood gods.

Darkness for the dark lords.

Happy 550 fans

Aw sweeeeeeet.