2013-01-09 18:58:49 by Step

I know that most of the people who are reading this newspost wouldn't want to listen to a Christmas song at this time of the year from all times, but regardless, I'm posting it anyway. It has vocals, took a lot of work, and it did well in some contests too! Came fourth in the MAC and second in the NAC, which is awesome. Check it out! Here's a screenshot of the project file, as per tradition.

Also, I remixed the Journey soundtrack!

That is all.



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2013-01-09 20:48:07

How many patterns? :P

(Updated ) Step responds:

Let me check...

119 patterns. Not too bad considering I've skipped 400 patterns in the past :3.


2013-01-10 07:37:05

Seems like your CPU went insane while playing your project on FL.

Step responds:

Yeah it's derpy like that.


2013-01-11 09:36:45

Congrats man, you're doing some awesome work!

Step responds:

Says the musical genius ^____^.


2013-01-11 16:37:08

haha, yeah right. Far from it, my friend! Perhaps someday!

Step responds:

Says the musical genius ^______________^.


2013-01-12 10:10:39

When are you going to watch the pilot episodes of MLP: FiM? It's been since August that I told you to try them out.

Step responds:

When the time is right...


2013-01-13 10:09:37

Whoa hey man!
Im currently not that active on newgrounds, annd well yeah...
Just dropping to say hi.
Your music is always so awesome!
And I see you're still sticking to the profile icon and profile pic i made for you.
Im currently draw fanart as my hobby roght now, and seeing that pic always makes me smile.
So how are you? LOL Chris is also pestering you with MLP stuff. xD
Havent watched season 3 yet...

Step responds:

Heyyyy! I'm doing alright, very very busy though, AS ALWAYS.

Yeah man I love the icons you made me. Got to thank you again for them!

Nice talking to you again. Glad you still like my musics :3.